Welcome to the Metamorphic podcast!

Join Mark, creator and indie developer, as he discusses all things related to building a privacy-focused platform for connecting and sharing with people in your life. 

Topics are diverse and varied and include:

surveillance capitalism
public benefit corporations
new feature updates
tips and tricks
privacy news
The Land Institute
Wild Salmon Center
Pacific Forest Trust

Our brief past
This podcast began as another podcast but those original episodes (Season 1) have been removed as they're no longer relevant to the current state of Metamorphic (or Mark's life) — things have gotten so much better.

Sponsor Our Open Source Code
Our early code base (v1) is open source! This was a great step for us in transparency, trust, and community support. You can visit our open source respository here and go here to sponsor us. While this is no longer being used in production, it is a great learning resource for anyone looking to make a privacy-focused social network in Elixir, and it highlights some of our design principles (e.g. protecting people's privacy).

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